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Rockwell Knuckles is a dope up and coming artist out of St Louis. After building up a solid buzz online with a string of singles, Rocky recently dropped a new mixtape, Choose Your Own Adventure, which includes one of the dopest songs I’ve heard in the past year, ‘Spontaneous Lover (Government Name)’. This past weekend […]

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Back to the top because I added a stream from Tony’s bandcamp… Today is the day. G.O.O.D. Music’s own Tony Williams has decided to release his first mixtape, Finding Dakota Grey. After working on this project firsthand, I can honestly tell you that this shit is classic. Tony doesn’t break the mold, he completely ignores […]

The Purple Ribbon assassin just dropped off his new mixtape, It’s Always Sunny in Marietta. Definitely a must download. Track listing after the jump….DOPE! DOWNLOAD!!

My dude Wreckamic has been in the studio non-stop (with me on the boards) working on this mixtape and its definitely dope to watch it all come to fruition. Grizzly Bear Adams is a mixtape that showcases Wreck’s talent and also sets him apart from other Texas acts. Grizzly Bear Adams features a verse from […]

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As promised, here is the follow up to Rise Of The Fallen 2 which was released last week to a GREAT response. Rise Of The Fallen 2: Redux is all the tracks that didn’t fit the original or tracks that didn’t make the deadline and I still wanted showcased. Tracks from great artists such as […]