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ca$hflow has been hard at work on many various projects, and tonight, he brings you the first leak from his upcoming mixtape, Growth Spurt, which is due out April 1st and will be presented by HailMegatron and TheHipHopEffect. ‘You Should See My View’ (produced by Cobi) is an introspective joint of sorts that not only […]

The follow-up to the highly acclaimed two disc Rise Of The Fallen mixtape has arrived! Rise Of The Fallen 2: The Coronation Of King Starscream is a mixtape that everyone can vibe to. It consists completely of underground artists who feel they are kings in their own right and want to be noticed and have […]

In 2009, independent artists rarely get enough recognition in an ever growing world of commercially geared Hip-Hop. Talent and creativity often goes disregarded, leaving once promising careers as unrecognized potential. This time, Choze & JustNice have decided to team up, and take what is theirs in “Respect Earned.” Choze is the leader of Portland based […]

“Well, I never thought this day would come but here it is. The mixtape that has been in the making for a VERY long time has now arrived. First off, I want to thank all the artists who made an appearance on this mixtape. I wouldn’t be anything without you. Second, shout out to Lerix […]

My dude Hollywood F.L.O.S.S. had a dope idea. Over the Thanksgiving break, he recorded as much material as possible. he then sent that material to Megatron and the internetDopeboy and had them break the songs down into their own versions of the same tape. iDopeboy on the art. Links below as well as the full […]