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The big homie Willie Joe ( @Willie_Joe ) just emailed me his new mixtape Fresh Prince 3. If you’re not aware, dude has been dropping a mixtape a month since August/September (one of those) forever and he never fails to drop some dopeness. This time around he brings some of his usual collaborators and also […]

Needless to say, The Cool Kids and Don Cannon make a pretty unstoppable force. Here’s 4 brand new songs for your holiday perusal. Tracklisting/link after the jump.

My dude, and frequent collaborator, B/A is showing his Christmas spirit by dropping his long awaited follow-up to Highway Music, Biego Ego. Biego Ego features verses by Chuck Hamilton and Show Tufli as well as a few other guests. Definitely show my dude some love and hit the jump and download 12 tracks of dopeness!

In 2009, independent artists rarely get enough recognition in an ever growing world of commercially geared Hip-Hop. Talent and creativity often goes disregarded, leaving once promising careers as unrecognized potential. This time, Choze & JustNice have decided to team up, and take what is theirs in “Respect Earned.” Choze is the leader of Portland based […]

The homie Brey Quick stays puttin in work. I was first put on his music by my dude Mega and I’ve been nothing but impressed. This post will serve as a catch up post bc I’ve got basically 2 tapes from Brey as well as the banger ‘Doper Than a Kilo’ which was featured on […]

Mark Milly always come with dope concepts/music and this is no different. Fresh off his #FriendlyCompetition tape, he dropped this tape a couple days ago and its super dope as well. Tracklisting/link after the jump.

So I’ve been traveling/in and out of the hospital for the past few days and I havent had a chance to do anything really. But here are days 3-6 of Choze and JustNice’s 12 Days of Christmas campaign. Dope as always. If you haven’t noticed, everything we do around these parts is dope. Ride the […]