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What up world. Here’s the newest single off my forthcoming mixtape Sounds. It features my people B/A and Willie Joe. This record is crazy. D/L NOW!!! DOWNLOAD!!!!! Advertisements

So ummm…this monster of a track “Forever” was recorded for Lebron’s movie More Than a Game. This is tagged up by LilWayneHQ. Ill re-up once theres a no tags version that drops. *UPDATE The tagless version has been added.  Supposedly this still isnt the final version. Apparently the song is being re-mastered (without Drake on […]

The homie Young Son has been hard at work on his forthcoming debut Dreamer’s Poetry. What I have here is the second single from DP entitled “We’ll be Alright” and it features Ashley Dubose. This album is really starting to shape up into something special. Be on the lookout for that Young Son x ca$hflow […]

Ever since Ray Cash came out of hiding he’s been dropping alot of work. This time we have him going in over the Cam’ron “Get it in Ohio” beat and another track “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” . Also as a bonus I’ve included “Cartier Frames” which I forgot to post a couple days ago.DOPE!! […]

For the first time in forever, we got Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh-n-Bone all on one track. They go in over Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune”. Its a breathe of fresh air anytime you hear these cats. The original singing rappers have never needed autotune and they show you why. DOPE!! *Updated with CDQ…shouts to […]

For the past couple years, the world has witnessed the explosion of musical influence that is the internet. Like never before, music is everywhere and everyone is now catching on to certain blogs and sites that have led this explosion. Enter Mike Waxx. Just a normal (freshly) 18 year old white kid from Connecticut. Oh […]

Here’s goes a leftover from the homie Kyle Lucas. If this is whats getting cut from Its Always Sunny in Marietta then just imagine whats to come. The track features Donny Goines, Jon Hope and Sean Falyon. DOPE!! DOWNLOAD!