Jones Andrews- The PRE Preface [mixtape]


After months of waiting I finally finished my project “The PRE PreFace” which is a project that features original tracks, freestyles, as well as collabs dating back to as late as early 2009.  This project is a precursor to the “The Preface EP” that I plan drop in the upcoming months. On this mixtape I discuss everything from me growing up an only child, being broke, and also how I like to drink to deal with the everyday stresses of life. Shouts to all my family, friends, producers, blog sites and fans that held me down and still hold me down after all the push backs, delays etc.

Track listing/link after the jump….



One Response to “Jones Andrews- The PRE Preface [mixtape]”

  1. 1 SKIBO

    If real hip-hop is what you desire you have to download this track from the next Carolina MC to make some noise! Highlights include: blog tour, in my zone, still dreaming, unborn sister, midnight martini and vacation! I promise you will not be sorry for taking time out to listen to something refereshing for a change!

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