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As promised, here is the follow up to Rise Of The Fallen 2 which was released last week to a GREAT response. Rise Of The Fallen 2: Redux is all the tracks that didn’t fit the original or tracks that didn’t make the deadline and I still wanted showcased. Tracks from great artists such as […]

The follow-up to the highly acclaimed two disc Rise Of The Fallen mixtape has arrived! Rise Of The Fallen 2: The Coronation Of King Starscream is a mixtape that everyone can vibe to. It consists completely of underground artists who feel they are kings in their own right and want to be noticed and have […]

In 2009, independent artists rarely get enough recognition in an ever growing world of commercially geared Hip-Hop. Talent and creativity often goes disregarded, leaving once promising careers as unrecognized potential. This time, Choze & JustNice have decided to team up, and take what is theirs in “Respect Earned.” Choze is the leader of Portland based […]

So yesterday my dude over at iDopeboy had the idea to throw together a while mixtape of unreleased music in one day. 7 hours later this was the final product. Featuring brand new music from Hollywood F.L.O.S.S., Frank Ramz, Mark Milly, Co-Audio, Ca$hflow and many more and presented by a Decepticon, iDopeboy and some incredible […]