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Sooooooooo, Rob Jay was sizing cats up allll weekend @ SXSW. He tried to figure out how tall/small/skinny/fat everyone was. Those endless conversations led to John Dew choppin up a crazy sample and Floss doing what he does. D/l below. Hit the jump for footage of me and Floss in the studio in Austin. Download!!! […]

March 17-21 will go down in history as one monster of a half-week. ca$hflow(@theworldfamous) literally had his camera with him 24 hrs/day for the entirety of the trip. This is simply the recap video. If any artists/labels/whoever would like to get full video of anything you see, please contact me via twitter and we’ll make […]

My dude Ant over @ TheHipHopEffect put together this mixtape consisting of song from some of 2010’s brightest up and comers detailing their stories of love lost and love never attained. I cosign this fully. Ant always puts together dope projects with dope artists and this is no exception. Hit the jump for the track […]

As some of you may or may not know, through the month of November ’09 I recorded and released 3 songs/day leading up to Thanksgiving.

I probably spend 8-10 hours a day on my Macbook. Those 8-10 hours are spent networking, looking for beats, promoting myself and other artists and scouring the interwebs for talented, up and coming artists. Since about 12/27, I’ve been seeing these ‘lists’ popping up (Best album of ’09, artist of the decade, etc etc) and […]

My dude Hollywood F.L.O.S.S. had a dope idea. Over the Thanksgiving break, he recorded as much material as possible. he then sent that material to Megatron and the internetDopeboy and had them break the songs down into their own versions of the same tape. iDopeboy on the art. Links below as well as the full […]

Here’s my new mixtape Sounds presented by PRC Clothing and It features Kyle Lucas, Hollywood FLOSS, Jesty Beatz, B/A, Willie Joe, Yung Nate, Charlie Rockz, Mike Dreams, Jay Who?,Choze (aka MattheEngineer) and more!!! Artwork by Shake from Hit the jump for the tracklisting and download link!!