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Don’t start to think that I was done after yesterday’s list. As I said, I’m constantly searching the web for dope up and comers. Today’s list will give you my top 5 artists you should get to know in 2010. All of these cats put in hours upon hours of work and each deserves some […]

I probably spend 8-10 hours a day on my Macbook. Those 8-10 hours are spent networking, looking for beats, promoting myself and other artists and scouring the interwebs for talented, up and coming artists. Since about 12/27, I’ve been seeing these ‘lists’ popping up (Best album of ’09, artist of the decade, etc etc) and […]

So to build up to my album “Sounds” I’ve decided to start a new, daily series called “Square Meals”. It’ll consist of 3 songs/day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) everyday for the month of November leading up to my album release on the 30th. You’ll be able to find these song all over the web but […]

This week I wanna introduce y’all to a cat who goes by Hollywood Floss.  Dude is from HTX and he definitely doesn’t make the music we’re accustomed to hearing come out of the 3rd coast. There’s no one that dude really reminds me of, he just makes some good ol’ boom bap hip hop with […]

On the Radar is going to be a weekly series that highlights certain artists who have not yet blown, yet I see potential in their individual movements. For the first installment I bring you : Mar Mcloud. As a member of A-list Society, he has been crafting his sound for some time. His forth-coming LP […]