For any and all queries/submissions etc etc email or hit me on Twitter


5 Responses to “Contact”

  1. yo cash, quick question. i would like to ask for ur permission to post some of ur music on my blogsite. I’m just starting out and would like to know more about you, for my friends and potential friends/visits @

    hit me back @

  2. Hello ,
    My name is Ron Clark Co-C.E.O of Starr Media Group an independent label based in New Jersey . We are presently not on your blog roll and you are not on ours, I would like to do a blog roll exchange . Just wanted to shoot you a new mixtape track called “MORE” a flip of Wale’s/Gucci manes song “PRETTY GIRLS”. We are still grinding getting our album Love Life and Loyalty ready for the masses. We have also added alot of new content to our blog site come through and check us out .


  3. Hey I was trying to get in contact with ca$hflow. I was on his myspace looking for an email address and ended up here so I dunno. I was just trying to let him know we got much support and have his mixtape posted on our new section, tell your fans to check out your work on your page. Check our website out…

  4. 4 Clayton A Jones

    hey man just wanted you to know say id like to be a part in this. i know what kind of impact your gonna have. you have already changed my life. I work for an advertising company and would like to do anything possible to help you with your music. I played it for my boss and he thinks your very talented. I know a lot of people probably say this but i promise you im different. im not here to make money or to be apart of somebody getting famous, im here because i think i can honestly help getting your music (message) out their. you know what your doing and i want to see you take this as far as possible. Keep doing what your doing man.

  5. 5 Clayton A Jones

    i was wondering if i could have contact information to the tha future. hes the best thing thats happening to music right now, i also believe is the most talented. I would like to help him continue his FOR SURE victory towards success and impacting the world. please let him know

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