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Rockwell Knuckles is a dope up and coming artist out of St Louis. After building up a solid buzz online with a string of singles, Rocky recently dropped a new mixtape, Choose Your Own Adventure, which includes one of the dopest songs I’ve heard in the past year, ‘Spontaneous Lover (Government Name)’. This past weekend […]

New shit from the big homie. Definitely dope, as always should be expected. D O W N L O A D ! ! !

Don’t start to think that I was done after yesterday’s list. As I said, I’m constantly searching the web for dope up and comers. Today’s list will give you my top 5 artists you should get to know in 2010. All of these cats put in hours upon hours of work and each deserves some […]

I probably spend 8-10 hours a day on my Macbook. Those 8-10 hours are spent networking, looking for beats, promoting myself and other artists and scouring the interwebs for talented, up and coming artists. Since about 12/27, I’ve been seeing these ‘lists’ popping up (Best album of ’09, artist of the decade, etc etc) and […]

Rockwell Knuckles is easily one of the dopest artists I’ve heard in a while. Ask anyone who has been in my car in like the past 8 months, his track ‘Government Name’ has been in constant rotation for like 6 months. Tracks from dude are far and few between but he is yet to disappoint. […]