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My dude Wreckamic has been in the studio non-stop (with me on the boards) working on this mixtape and its definitely dope to watch it all come to fruition. Grizzly Bear Adams is a mixtape that showcases Wreck’s talent and also sets him apart from other Texas acts. Grizzly Bear Adams features a verse from […]

Here’s the brand new mixtape from Craig Bass, the basic story of the mixtape is that Bass hit me [thehiphopeffect] up at the start of the year about his new idea, I then handpicked my favourite beats from 09 and then Bass rapped over them, simple. Hit the jump for the track listing/link.

Here’s some footage from Show Tufli’s trip to Cali to record in Conway Studios on Melrose (rmusic heads know)… for the new Fox 5 Series “Full Coverage”…. and his debut album…. “ReversePsychology”…. The first project off the Fox 5 Series is…. “Soldier of Love” music inspired by Sade….. The official project drops 2/23 but here’s […]

Snoop D-O-Double G dropped this track yesterday featuring Cleveland’s new favorite son. Not really what I expected but definitely a dope collaboration. Check it out. Download

Im baaaaaaaaaaaack. ‘Dollar and a Dream’ is a precursor to my new mixtape Growth Spurt which will drop in March. Download!!!

“Come Closer” (produced by E-minah aka the Grussle) delves into the mind state of a couple of on the verge of a break up.  On this song K-Beta explores the male and female point of view in a fight.  The music video for “Come Closer” directed by Q Ledbetter will premiere on Valentine’s Day. A […]

This is dope. Hit the jump for more info/art concerning A Day in the Life