NEW MIXTAPE! Rise of the Fallen 2:The Coronation of King Starscream


The follow-up to the highly acclaimed two disc Rise Of The Fallen mixtape has arrived! Rise Of The Fallen 2: The Coronation Of King Starscream is a mixtape that everyone can vibe to. It consists completely of underground artists who feel they are kings in their own right and want to be noticed and have their music heard. Each one of these artists on this mixtape feels like they are their own Starscream and, just for one moment, they want to wear the crown at their coronation. Then, for one moment, they will be recognized and their music can be appreciated. The mixtape contains emotional tracks, lyrical tracks, exclusive tracks, and tracks that just make you feel these artists’ hard work through every bar, measure, and key signature.

This mixtape features music from Ca$hflow, Cameron Mackey, Starrz, J-Coop Da Great, K.E., The Black Rose, Kayla Bliss, L’Daialogue, Jones Andrews, Lerix, Sage Bravo, Y Fame, So The Kid, and many more!

2010 is the year of the Decepticon Movement. Decepticons will no longer suffer under Autobot oppression and we will shine in our own light, meaning the underground will not get outshined because of the mainstream. This mixtape is the first step in getting good, underground artists’ names out there and feed their starving appetite.

Also, in a week’s time, I will be releasing Rise Of The Fallen 2: Redux. Basically it is all the tracks that were sent to me but didn’t feel the vibe I was going for on Rise Of The Fallen 2 but I still think the world should hear. So next Tuesday, be on the lookout for that mixtape which should be another great addition to your music collection.

Hit the jump for the track listing and download link

1.      Megatron, Your Leader, Speaks (Intro)

2.      Here Come The Decepticons (Ca$hflow x Cameron Mackey)

3.      Spaceship (Abib Jahleel)

4.      Bang! (Starrz)

5.      We On (SuperStarTaay x PremeDaPrez x Kayla Bliss)

6.      Beast (Lerix x Sage Bravo)

7.      The One True Ruler… (Interlude)

8.      Go Green Ranja (J-Coop Da Great)

9.      Melodic Mechanism [Instrumental] (The Black Rose)

10.  Pop Star (D.E. x K. Dejon)

11.  Dai’s Under The Scope (L’Daialogue)

12.  Midnight Martini (Jones Andrews)

13.  Dear Ms. Winter (B. Palma)

14.  Laser Gun (So The Kid x Neff)

15.  Rise, Shockwave! (Interlude)

16.  Arnold Palmer (Ca$hflow)

17.  Surgery (James Vegas)

18.  Hit The Floor! (K-E x 2EaZy)

19.  MoBBHoPP (GeTeMoBB)

20.  Let It Go (BOOGNIGHTS)

21.  Beastie Flow (Floco Torres)

22.  It’s Okay (YFame)

23.  I Am Soundwave (Interlude)

24.  Turnt Up (Nick Shades)

25.  Stacking Paper (Swift)

26.  Too Ignant Freestyle (Supe x Starrz)

D O W N L O A D ! ! !


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  1. dude i’m looking so forward to this download right now

  1. 1 uberVU - social comments

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