New Music!! iFFY- Feelin’ iFFY


Here’s some of that new new from the artist f.k.a. Ferris Lo…

“Feelin’ iFFY” is the first leak from artist/songwriter iFFY, off his debut mixtape entitled “Songs of Love & Madness” illustrated by Mike Waxx. Hailing from East Harlem, NY, iFFY’s repertoire encompasses an eclectic mix of electro, punk and hip-hop. Influenced by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Ratatat, Cam’ron and early N.E.R.D., iFFY has discovered a distinguished sound that separates him from the mass of new age artists currently infiltrating the music scene. With poignant lyrics and a charismatic presence, iFFY melodically captivates ears. Today, he offers “Feelin’ iFFY,” recorded over N.E.R.D.’s “Thrasher” beat from the group’s “Fly or Die” album. It is a glimpse into what listeners can expect from “Songs of Love & Madness,” set to drop in mid-February. Download and enjoy!

D O W N L O A D ! !


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