Let’s Play Catch Up: ca$hflow- Square Meals[series]


As some of you may or may not know, through the month of November ’09 I recorded and released 3 songs/day leading up to Thanksgiving.

My goal was 90. Though I didnt meet my personal goal, I dropped 73 songs over the first 24 days of November, a feat that I have never seen anyone come close to. These songs have been hard to find lately (since all the usershare links died) so I have taken time to put all these in one .zip file. The artwork is also included in the .zip. ‘Square Meals’ started as something I wanted to do just to keep me focused and in the studio. It ended up blowing a lot of minds. Featuring the likes of B/A, Jones Andrews, Hollywood Floss, Co-Audio, Dupriest, Maticulous and Choze and featuring production from Cy Fyre, Pat Preezy, Epik the Dawn and more, ‘Square Meals’ was a series and a time of life that I’ll never get to experience again. I hope all of you can listen to these and not only enjoy the music but also be inspired by the insane amount of time I spent networking/ writing/ recording/ engineering. Enjoy!!

D O W N L O A D ! ! !


One Response to “Let’s Play Catch Up: ca$hflow- Square Meals[series]”

  1. Thank you.
    Nice post.
    Keep posting mate.

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