Introducing: V-DKE


For those of you that have followed this blog for some time, you should have caught on to the fact that I LOVE introducing you to new artists. A few days ago I received an email from my dude Ixar telling me about his group. Enter V-DKE

V-DKE is an electro/hardcore/rap group from Valencia, Venezuela. The group is comprised of Eddie DKE (Vox & Rapz!), Ixar DKE (Vox & Screams) and OMGirl (DJ). They’re dope. Here’s how Ixar describes the group:

in the year of 2243, in a galaxy far, far away, three young kids struggle through a musical mass destruction, the governments of many countries, won’t let musicians express themselves like they want to, earth is coming to it’s end, until they realize that the only way of making it out alive, is to let everyone know what they are up to… V DkE is a form of life. Listen to the songs, and just dance to it!

But don’t just take my word for it (though you should), download their Party LP and find out for yourself. Enjoy!!

Track listing:

01. Intro

02. Smells Like Crunk Spirit

03. Infiel

04. Kit Kat feat Maniki

05. Interlude

06. Let Your Panties Fly Over Me

07. What Tha’ Crunk

08. Happy BDay Sweetheart

09. Valencia Decae

10. Power feat Zito

D O W N L O A D ! ! !


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