On the Radar: Top 5 Rappers You Should Get to Know in 2010


Don’t start to think that I was done after yesterday’s list. As I said, I’m constantly searching the web for dope up and comers. Today’s list will give you my top 5 artists you should get to know in 2010. All of these cats put in hours upon hours of work and each deserves some shine. Hit the jump…

1. Willie Joe

Work Ethic Willie. Whether he’s going bar for bar with B.o.B. (‘Heavy Breather’ or ‘Throw Some D’s) or appearing on my mixtape Sounds (shameless plug, lol), my dude Willie Joe does work. I was first put on to his DJ Toomp-produced ‘How We Roll’ and in the couple years since I heard that, I’ve followed his music closely. For the latter half of ’09, Willie Joe dropped tape after tape of dopeness. He’s started a YouTube series, where you can catch freestyles and videos, that gets updated quite frequently and shows dude in his element. He gets a ton of love in the Bay and in the ATL and soon enough he’ll be getting love all over the map. In the words of Clinton Sparks, “Get Familiar”.

Check out:

Mixtape: Fear Factor

Mixtape : Work Ethic Willie

Mixtape : Fresh Prince 3

2. Rockwell Knuckles

Breaking through to the mainstream can be tough enough. Add to that the fact that you’re an artist coming from St Louis and the task gets even tougher. I don’t know where his music came from, but as soon as I heard Mr Knuckles’ joint ‘Government Name’, I knew he was a star. Last year he dropped The Glow. Since then he’s dropped ‘Government Name’ and a new joint Shooting Star. His style, lyricism, and wit offer up a sound rivaled by none. Get used to seeing his name

Check Out:

Song: Government Name

3. Brey Quick

I can’t say enough about Brey Quick. My dude Mega first put me onto Brey and he wouldn’t stop talking about dude til I checked him out. His song ‘Doper Than a Kilo‘ boasts some of the wittiest lyrics you will hear for a while. His craftiness is second to none. Oh yeah, he produced the track as well. Someone as talented and driven as Brey Quick is sure to get alot of attention in 2010!

Check Out:

Mixtape : Brey Season

Mixtape : The Care Package

4. Yung Nate

Enter Yung Nate. The longtime wingman to Charles Hamilton, Nate has stepped out on his own and isn’t looking back. He’s performed all over New York City, lined up collabs with some big names (which I’m unsure if I can speak on, so for the time being just know they exist lol), his Deal with No Deal brand is collaborating with DJ Green Lantern to bring us a dope ‘Unsigned Hype’-esque competition and has dropped TONS of dope music. His 2009 mixtape Deal with No Deal with fellow ex-Demevolist member B/A brought lots attention to Nate (and B/A who deserves your attention as well). He’s been doing lots of work with Woody and his 200N8 mixtape should finally see the light soon. Check for big things from Yung Nate in 2010.

Check Out:

Mixtape: Deal with No Deal

Video: Stutter (Live) feat Charles Hamilton

5. Jones Andrews

The artist formerly known as Rob J, my dude Jones Andrews offers a refreshing sound that doesn’t echo what you hear elsewhere. He brings his own flavor of hip-hop to a genre that gets watered down by soooo much repetition. The NC-area hasn’t bred too many artists and Jones Andrews is sure to bring North Cackalack the attention they deserve, or at least the attention he deserves.

Check Out:

Song: Blog Tour

Song: The Future

Honerable Mentions:

1. B/A

2. Starrz

3. Frank Ramz


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