On the Radar: Artists Poised to Blow in ’10


I probably spend 8-10 hours a day on my Macbook. Those 8-10 hours are spent networking, looking for beats, promoting myself and other artists and scouring the interwebs for talented, up and coming artists. Since about 12/27, I’ve been seeing these ‘lists’ popping up (Best album of ’09, artist of the decade, etc etc) and while I feel that some are credible and provide real information, others just blow my mind with their lack of actual research, backing (read: payola). Because of these and other factors, I have decided to make a list of great merit. I present to you my list of the top 10 artists to watch out for in the coming months of 2010. Leave comments/weigh-in and let me know your thoughts on this as well! DOPE!!!

1. B.o.B.

Though he was featured in the November 08 issue of XXL and listed as one of their ‘freshmen’, dude is still yet to drop an official debut album. In the past couple days though, it has been announced that his debut Adventures will drop in May. Knowing that he has already done work with DJ Toomp and Jim Jonsin, and being signed to the freshly released T.I.P’s Grand Hustle, I feel that we should expect the world from Bobby Ray in 2010. He’s made a lot of moves (performances, features, collabs etc) and has a HUGE fanbase, which continues to grow. 2010 should be a solid year for B.o.B.

2. Curren$y

Dude is dope. He’s been signed to No Limit, Cash Money, had Wayne’s co-sign, dropped a million mixtapes, linked up with Wiz Khalifa for a collab tape, dropped 2 albums thru Amalgam and smoked weed all over the country. Yet, somehow, Spitta still gets slept on. Word on the street is that his first big release of ’10 will come Super Bowl weekend. He’s constantly traveling, doing shows and making contact with new fans. ’10 is lookin good for Spitta.

3. Kyle Lucas

Enter the Purple Ribbon assassin. If you dont know, his band Vonnegutt is signed to Daddy Fat Sacks’ Purple Ribbon label. He’s toured a good portion of the country, done songs with many old heads and up and comers, has one of the (Simon) illest engineers in the game, and he still doesn’t feel he’s done enough. Now that he’s done recording Vonnegutt’s debut, Kyle is now prepping the release of his mixtape It’s Always Sunny in Marietta. Knowing the homie and his work ethic, you should expect nothing but dope music from him in the future.

4. Big Sean

…is Finally Famous. He’s been signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. music since ’07, pumped out 2 incredible mixtapes and has a solid team behind him (What up Gumbo. What up A Dubb. What up Tone.) He’s been hard at work on his new mixtape (I’m assuming will be Finally Famous Vol 3) and the Finally Famous group mixtape, as well as his debut album(which boasts production from NO I.D., Pharrell and B Wright I’m sure). He has literally done shows across the country with his best friend Mike Posner. And the grind doesn’t stop. He’s been featured as a model in the BBC look book and has spent lots of gwap on POW! chains lol. Take my word for it, his mixtape, when it drops, will undoubtedly be one of the best tapes of ’10.

5. Outasight

I can’t say enough about Outasight. His music is impeccable. Whether he’s rapping or sing-songing his way over 6th Sense’s production, dude always delivers. His mixtape Further instantly became my favorite drop of ’09 when he emailed it to me previous to its release so I could bump it on my roadtrip to Colorado. I can’t think of a single artist who has done more to ostracize himself from the bullshit, run of the mill hip-hop and with that, created his own brand of organic, well thought out, uplifting music. Whenever he teams up with 6th, they put their tag team belts on the line and defend them everytime. Do yourself a favor and check him out ASAP!

6. Hollywood F.L.O.S.S.

Floss first hit me up in like August asking me to post his Art or Fiscal Intelligence mixtape and ever since I’ve been blown away. Hailing from Houston, Floss offers up a boom bap feel good brand of hip hop that is never associated with the syrup sippin sound that you’ve come to know, and maybe love, from H-town. His music has been featured all over the web and his following continues to grow. Definitely expect Floss to start getting some MAJOR love in ’10.

7.  The Nice Guys

My dude Zach Gee originally put me on to Free’s production in late ’08 and I’ve been nothing but impressed. Also claiming Houston as home, the Nice Guys collective has gotten love all over the web and from many of their peers. ‘Easy’ Yves Saint has a style comparable to none and Free’s production always grabs you and refuses to let go. Expect to see them everywhere this year, and remember what I say: The Nice Guys are set to blow.

8. Fresh Daily

Previous to getting Outasight’s Further, Fresh Daily’s Tomorrow is Today mixtape was by far my favorite mixtape of ’09. That effort is still yet to leave rotation in my car. Its fuckin incredible. If you truly want to hear the future of hip-hop, listen closely to Tomorrow is Today and you will be blown away by Fresh’s genius. Also check out his album The Gorgeous Killer in Crimes of Passion. Definitely do not sleep on dude.

9. NB Gang

Let me introduce you to the NB Gang. Spearheaded by Portland, Oregon’s Choze, the NB Gang boasts rappers, singers, bloggers, artists, management from all over the map. EA, JustNice, Boss B, Tru Quality and the list goes on. Collectively they bring a refreshing sound to hip-hop. Individually, they’re all poised to take over the game. Do some homework, each part of this group has released great music. Expect it to continue in ’10.

10. Hoodie Allen

Rounding out my top 10 is Hoodie Allen. Comprised of Steve (MC) and Obey City (Beat Machine), Hoodie Allen makes feel good music. After doing numerous shows (including opening for Clipse, Mike Posner and Big Sean) they released their mixtape Makin Waves in 2009. One listen to this disc and you’ll be hooked to Steve’s witty vocals and willingness to touch on the comedy of life. Definitely check for big things coming from them in 2010.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Donnis

2. Young Scolla

3. Rockwell Knuckles

4. Jack Splash

5. Mike Posner


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