NEW MUSIC!! Tha Future


So this cat hit me up waaaaaaaaay back in ’09 (lol so long ago) via twitter. I cant lie, I’m always weary of what get sent to me. There’s alot of shitty music floating along the interwebs. I guarantee you this cat doesn’t fall into that category. Dude dropped off 2 tracks (produced by my dude Johnny Juliano) which will be included on his upcoming release Ready to Launch v1.0 which is set to release sometime very soon. I’ve also included a link to his previous tape which you can find after the jump. Leave some feedback on this cat as I’d like to hear what you think.

Download: Its Always Something

Download : The Daily News

Bonus: Ready to Launch: Beta Edition


2 Responses to “NEW MUSIC!! Tha Future”

  1. 1 Clayton A Jones

    its over with my man right here. i promise that

  2. 2 Clayton A Jones

    Future get at me man im trying to tell you all good intentions here. just want to see you do what i know your supposed to do with your music. get at me man for real. you got something really special bro

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