New Music!!! GFCnewyork presents: thedarkphoenx – #Alpha


Mickey Williams

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For the fans, we present to this to you directly before the blogs can get it… Thank you for your support… Respond here with feedback…

While the world awaits the sun to rise to begin life, we await it to fall to become alive.  The shadows is our solitude and catalyst for true art and thought.  Amongst it, we are not damned nor idolized.  Therefore we can only be true to ourselves.  And from that, the world will eventually seek light and understanding. – The Dark Phoenix

The dawn of a new day is approaching. A rebirth is upon us. The beginning is here. darkphoenix:ALPHA is a collection of art from an artist reborn. From the eery opus, to the climatic finale, Mickey Factz breathes change on the beginning of a decade. Always remaining timeless and innovative, the dexterity and focus of the art is based upon Factz’s continuous journey to find himself through love, joy, pain, strife and success. The human eye witnesses all of these traits daily. Mickey uses the colors Red, Blue and Green to see everything he lives through, tracing everything back to the origin of its existence. The beginning… Alpha is only the beginning for The Dark Phoenix. So we ask the people to dig themselves out of their own ashes and rise with us to our dreams…

D O W N L O A D ! ! !


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