NEW MIXTAPE!! Choze and JustNice- Respect Earned

In 2009, independent artists rarely get enough recognition in an ever growing world of commercially geared Hip-Hop. Talent and creativity often goes disregarded, leaving once promising careers as unrecognized potential. This time, Choze & JustNice have decided to team up, and take what is theirs in “Respect Earned.”

Choze is the leader of Portland based crew Neu Beginin, an Engineer and rapper, who stumbled out of the myspace music world and into the blogosphere earlier this year. Since, he’s done songs with Quest and has already been on sites like HipHopUpdate & XclusivesZone.Net. Meanwhile, Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s own, JustNice has been making music and has also even ghostwrote as well as performed all around Pennsylvania.

For the past 6 months, Choze & JustNice have been hard at work creating the perfect project that will net them the respect they deserve. Along the way, they’ve found a crew of supporters in Sound Society, Hailmegatron & The Eargasm, who will be the official presenters of Respect Earned. Choze & JustNice’s Respect Earned also includes a host of familiar faces including TreaZon, ThreatZ, QuESt, Hannibal King, Brey Quick, Starr Spazzin, Ricky Jewelz, Bruce Geetz, SugoiSounds, Tru Dat and many more.

So basically. Choze is my fuckin dude. Because of life I’ve been slacking on the 12 Days of Xmas (which you can download in full HERE.) I’ll be honest. I fuck with everybody on this tape. After literally months and months of hardwork, writing, recording, promoting etc etc, this project has finally come to fruition just in time for the holidays (I would say Christmas but everything has to be politicaly correct these days and apparently some mufuckas don’t like presents). Tracklisting/link after the jump…its definitely worth your time. Santa doesnt come for like 7 more hours to d/l this shit and zone out to some dope ass music.

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