[New Mixtape] hailmegatron.net presents Rise of the Fallen


“Well, I never thought this day would come but here it is. The mixtape that has been in the making for a VERY long time has now arrived. First off, I want to thank all the artists who made an appearance on this mixtape. I wouldn’t be anything without you. Second, shout out to Lerix and Tha Bloq Association for helping me with this mixtape and the eventual release of it.

Now, let’s get to the premise of this mixtape. The mixtape is called Rise Of The Fallen because this mixtape contains a bunch of artists who have not given their chance to shine on some of the elite sites so it seems like they’ve fallen off. Well, here is their chance to shine and rise up.

The support, in the last week, for this mixtape was overwhelming. My inbox was flooded with tracks to put on this thing. And if an artist wants to be on a mixtape about independent artists’ rise, how can I say no? And… thats why the mixtape is two discs. Both discs are killer and they both need to be listened to. On this are unheard tracks from City Council, Ca$hflow, Jay Ferno, L’Daialogue, and a few more. So, without further ado, let me present you with the Rise Of The Fallen mixtape.”

aka this mixtape is serious. Lots and lots of talent is featured on this tape.

2 discs…you need both…links/track listing after the jump…


  1. Rise Of The Fallen (Jay Ferno)
  2. Fear (Skeptic)
  3. Things Have Changed (CL Sick)
  4. Believe (So The Kid)
  5. I’m Good (Boss B)
  6. The New (The Rezon)
  7. February 27th (Leonardo Chop)
  8. Lit Fire (Lerix)
  9. OMFG (City Council)
  10. Megatron (Stewie Vuiton)
  11. Vivid (Tru Quality)
  12. This Is The Life (PenDragon x Jae Poet)
  13. Say You Will (Sage Bravo)
  14. Stay Around (E.A.)
  15. These Streets Fight (L’Daialogue)
  16. So Crazy (Thirsty McGurk x Lerix)


  1. Ca$hflow Speaks
  2. Doper Than A Kilo (Brey Quick)
  3. The Fallen (Ca$hflow x Cameron Mackey)
  4. U Ain’t Talkin Bout Shit (Starrz)
  5. Dinner Time (McNyce)
  6. We Blow The Roof ($. Killah)
  7. Stand Up Comedian (Sage Bravo)
  8. Party Up (Mark Milly x Reality ‘The Don’)
  9. Ridin’ (Ca$hflow x Jones AnDrews)
  10. The Verbal Slaughter (Hollywood Floss x HB)
  11. If I Ruled The World (Choze x Voice)
  12. Exotic (Da Ref)
  13. Growin’ Up In Da Hood (Munch)
  14. Hit The Bar (Young Boogs)
  15. Raise A Glass (Junior Black x Stewie Vuitton)
  16. Give Em What They Want (Archie Bang)
  17. Swan Song (D.E.)

DOWNLOAD: hailmegatron.net Presents: Rise Of The Fallen (Mixtape) [Disc 1]
DOWNLOAD: hailmegatron.net Presents: Rise Of The Fallen (Mixtape) [Disc 2]


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