Square Meals Day 17!


It’s Day 17 of my 30 day series Square Meals and this time I have something a little different. With my album Sounds set to release in 2 weeks, I wanted to run back through the singles that have already been released from the album. The first single, “Hit and Run” featuring Dupriest, was released in June and has been downloaded over 3000 times to date. The second single, “Some Things Will Never Change” feat Jesty Beatz, was met with much acclaim upon its release in early August. The third single, “Peep My Game” featuring B/A and Willie Joe, features two heavyweights from opposite sides of the country and brings a unique sound to the table. As a bonus I have included “Watch What You Say” as a “4th meal”. “Watch What you Say” is a leftover from the album and was originally featured on HailMegatron.net as a site exclusive and I have decided to release it to the masses through his Square Meals series.

Breakfast – Hit and Run featuring Dupriest

Lunch – Some Things Will Never Change featuring Jesty Beatz

Dinner – Peep My Game feat B/A & Willie Joe

Fourth Meal – Watch What You Say feat Rob J


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