Let’s Open the Vault! Kid Cudi ‘Demo’



I brought this to the top bc I have a new, working link for the demo

Long has there been talk of a Kid Cudi demo tape floating around the interwebs. This ‘demo’ was apparently comprised after Cudder signed to G.O.O.D. Music and he shopped this demo to labels to get distribution. Needless to say, this demo is the reason that Universal/Motown ended up signing him. They will bring us his album Man on the Moon : End of Day on September 15th. This collection of demo songs mixed with  “Day n Nite” “Sky Might Fall” Mr Solo Dolo” and “Call me Moon Man” apparently”complete” the demo. This ‘demo’ truly is a piece of art. I’d go as far to say that I like it exponentially more than A Kid Named Cudi. Anyway, head over to iDopeboy and applaud him as being the first on the web to leak these songs. A few people had these songs but noone had leaked them until now. Enjoy!

P.S. Listen closely on “I Hear Them Calling” where he says “Kid Cudi…Kid Cudi…Slim Shady”. Very interesting. I could definitely hear Marshall on that track. Hmmmmm

*UPDATE New working link for the tape…enjoy

*NEW UPDATE* BRAND NEW WORKING LINK ADDED…AND THE .ZIP HAS THE INTERLUDES!!!!! DOPE! hit the jump for the link and some dope artwork people have done for the demo

Damn, that link didnt last long lol

D  O  W  N  L  O  A  D  !  !  !




One Response to “Let’s Open the Vault! Kid Cudi ‘Demo’”

  1. 1 MAN...

    I really wanted a copy 😦

    and re-uploads anytime soon?

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