On the Radar: Hollywood Floss



This week I wanna introduce y’all to a cat who goes by Hollywood Floss.  Dude is from HTX and he definitely doesn’t make the music we’re accustomed to hearing come out of the 3rd coast. There’s no one that dude really reminds me of, he just makes some good ol’ boom bap hip hop with his own Southern twist. Let me know what you think.  Hit the jump for some download links….

Attack of Hollywood

Better Times

Art or Fiscal Intelligence (Mixtape)


5 Responses to “On the Radar: Hollywood Floss”

  1. Thanks Homie… yo from now on i’m def. putting that on the Genre Boom Bap hip hop with a southern twist … you coined it lol

  2. 2 S

    Been watching this dude for a while. He’s good stuff. Seems to get better each time I hear him.


  3. Black Jack Tripper

  4. lmao at black jack tripper, thats old school work right there

    freestyle too

  5. 5 VNess

    Floss is killing the game right now. This the first album in a while that you can listen to without skipping any tracks. If you don’t have a copy get one ASAP.

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