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Artist of the Week is a series with (hopefully) an obvious explanation.  I’ll be bringing you interviews and dope music from whoever the feature may be. This week I sat down with interviewed my dude Kyle Lucas. Check out the music and interview after the jump….

ca$flow: Well…introduce yourself for those who may not be familiar.

Kyle Lucas: My name is Kyle Lucas and I’m the emcee in the band Vonnegutt. I’m from Marietta, Ga.

ca$h : How long have you been in the “rap game” or do you even consider yourself in the game at this point?

Kyle : Umm, yea if you mean being a “signed artist” then I’ve been in the game for about 8 months. But I’ve been rhyming seriously since I was 16.

ca$h : What inspired you at 16 to take it seriously?

Kyle : I’m not sure. I grew up on hip-hop and was always rhyming for fun and stuff with my friends. I guess at 16 I got my first drum machine and a mic and a computer and I decided I could take a crack at it. It wasn’t easy though, I didn’t get a good response from people til I was a freshman in college, that’s when everything sort of started clicking with my style, subject matter, cadence etc.

ca$h : I can dig that. As you were maturing as an artist, who did you look up to in the game?

Kyle : I think when I was 18 I had like 2000 cds,  haha so I pretty much heard everything and grasped everything. I really just broke down rhyming styles, techniques, patterns and looked at it almost like it was science to a point. But my favorites were always Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9”, Skillz, Big Pun, The Roots, Jay-Z, Nas and of course Outkast. I mean we could go on forever but those are the ones that are sticking out in my mind right now.

ca$h : And a lot of people don’t look at it like that so it’s impressive that you went above and beyond so to speak
ca$h : Now i know you’re a big Coheed & Cambria fan. Are there any other bands or musicians that have influenced you and your music?

Kyle : Yea for sure. I’m really into Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Sublime, The Used, Panic! At The Disco, Gym Class Heroes, Say Anything. I’ve been getting into Metro Station and Cobra Starship a little lately, I really dig the beats they use. I’m into a lot of newer bands who use pre-programmed beats, sequencing and aren’t afraid to experiment. That’s how I like to look at Vonnegutt as well. It’s 2009 and the days of just playing with drums, bass and guitar and no really outside production or digial elements are kinda over in my mind. that’s kind of boring. So bands like Fall Out Boy who do a lot of digital sequencing and strings and stuff are dope in my mind. And not to mention FOB and Coheed have the illest lyrics in my opinion.

ca$h : So can we expect some of those elements to show up on the Vonnegutt album?

Kyle : Yea for sure! The Vonnegutt album is our labor of love. It’s been a year and a half in the making and i’m super proud of it. There are definetly alot of sequencing, digital elements and interesting production going on. We are a hip-hop/pop band, so i think we do a good job of walking that line between the two worlds.

ca$h : Sounds like it’s gonna be dope
ca$h : You’ve put out a couple mixtapes (Download links at bottom) , but will we see a Kyle Lucas solo album in the near future?

Kyle : I’m not sure. If a label ever approached me in the future I’d have to talk it over with my label, my band and the people close to me to see if that would be a good idea. I mean I do a lot of solo work between mixtapes, guest features, an EP with producer Captain Midnite (Link at Bottom) so I mean there is a lot out there if kids are really interested. But Vonnegutt is my pride and joy and the main focus. I love playing live with them and we are starting to tour so I know I’ll never do a solo tour or anything. I got a new mixtape coming out after the Vonnegutt album is done called It’s Always Sunny in Marietta so there’s going to be a lot more stuff coming out. I just write songs every day, some of them become Vonnegutt songs, some become mixtape songs and others just stay in my notebook. But as far as a “official” Kyle Lucas album, i don’t really see that happening in the near future at all.

ca$h : I see I see. Though that may disappoint some it sounds like you know exactly where your priorities lie.

Kyle : Ya, I mean all my mixtapes are for free so I think the kids won’t complain that much haha

ca$h : Yeah free music is never bad lol. So, you did a song with Andy Milonakis, where you told everyone that “hatin’ on (you) is so last year”, is internet hate a problem these days?

Kyle : Haha. Yea, I mean I guess I didn’t really notice it before because nobody knew who I was. But as my buzz gets bigger, I gain more fans and I gain more detractors. It’s just part of being an artist in any artform. At the time I didn’t really know how to take it. I had just released a freestyle over “Hell on Earth” beat by Mobb Deep and I woke up to like 20 some comments of pure hate on one blog site and I was mad at first. So I went to Simon Illa’s studio that day and we kinda made that song out of thin air, I just had the hook in my head while I was driving over there. And Andy Milonakis is a close friend of Big Boi’s and I admire him as a comedian/artist and I think that guy is super talented. So I approached him with the idea and it all got put together pretty quick. But yea there’s always going to be hate man, I’m learning how to take it better now. I had a conversation with Big Boi last week about it, the internet opens up this free forum where people can hide behind a screen and just say very hurtful things with no consequences. People don’t think I deserve what I have for whatever reason and the majority of hate is from aspiring artists themselves. I’m in a position now where my band got signed by one of the dopest emcees out from the best rap group ever. I’d hate me too haha.

ca$h : Haha well put bro, well put .Well i guess we should wrap this up, I don’t wanna take too much of your time, but if you could give some advice to aspiring artists out there, what would that be?

Kyle : Just don’t stop. It’s sounds so cliche, but all it takes is hard work. I wasn’t born the dopest rapper, I just work fucking hard. When you got people like Lil Wayne out there killing it just on their work ethic alone, that should be inspiration. And don’t approach these label people with a demo like “sign me”, make a movement yourself. You have the biggest promotional tool at your fingertips. The internet. It’s FREE! Make them come to you. And also, you have to love what you do. I tried to get a record deal since I was 16 and every mixtape/project I was like “this is it.” and it never happened like that. But once I stopped recording just to get success and started recording cause it honestly hurt my soul not too everything started happening. If I don’t write or record everyday, I get antsy, and that’s just how I’m programed now. I love what I do, I love the artform and you should too if you want to make this your job. Cause once it becomes your job, if you don’t love it, this industry will drive you absolutely fucking crazy, and that’s 100% the truth.

ca$h: Very good advice bro, thanks for taking the time to talk.

Kyle : No problem anytime man.  Take care! Peace homie.


Download Links:

Kyle Lucas is My Favorite (Mixtape)

Kyle Lucas is STILL My Favorite (Mixtape)

Vonnegutt – The Vice Nine EP

Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite – I Brought Dead Flowers to a FUNeral


3 Responses to “Artist of the Week : Kyle Lucas”

  1. 1 Justin

    Nice interview man. I’m patiently waiting for Vonnegutt and Kyle to blow up once that album drops.

  2. 2 wow

    kyle lucas is STILL my favorite…Seriously!

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